• Lubricant Primary Functions

    • Reduce friction & wear

    • Protect against rust & corrosion

    • Prevenet dirt, water & other contaminations from entering the part being lubricated

  • Poor

    Overgreasing will cause excessive heat against the bearing & speed up the oxidation of grease dramatically.

    Undergreasing will reduce the thickness of oil film formed by grease. Friction between ball bearing & race way increase the operational temperature & speed up the oxidation of grease.

  • Proper

    Proper selection of greases will solve most of your bearings' problems.

    Do you know the Interval of Relubrication for your machines ?

    How to grease packing your bearing with correct amount of grease ?

  • Screw

    Screw compressor failures can cost millions of dollars in repairs & downtime. Predictive maintenance able to indentify earlier fault conditions to provide a large window to predict expensive downtime & inefficient operation.

  • Water Pump

    Pump cavitation causes inefficiency & catastrophic damage to pump systems. Detect cavitation & immediate corrective actions able to protect your pump mechanical parts & recover pump efficiency & capacity.

  • Chiller

    Degradation Proceses (Mechanical & Electrical):

    • Thermal expansion & contraction

    • Corrosion

    • Friction

    • Erosion or Wear

    • Stress Concentration

    • Electrical Heating

    • Contact Resistance

    • Magnetization

  • Condition Monitoring System

    In order to attain Zero failure performance for our machines, CMS is a must. CMS able to identify your machines' mechanical & electrical components existing condition to ensure the effectiveness of your machines' productivity.

  • Thermography

    Measure temperature & gives you the full image of the situation. Thermography help us to find problems faster and easier with extreme accuracy. Effective technology in troubleshooting.

  • Vibration

    Able to detect :

    • Rotor imbalance

    • Broken fan blades

    • Loss of balancing weights

    • Poor footing

    • Flimsy baseplate design

    • Excessive bearing play

    • Shaft misalignment

    • Gear tooth damage

    • Bent shaft